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    Intelligification and Regulations

    Technological advances of today are proceeding at an astounding pace. The world around us is becoming more interactive in our lives than ever before. All those sci-fi movies I watched as a kid are partially coming to fruition. One such instance is that smart gym equipment can persuade people to exercise just a bit more (Verbeek). My watch often tells me that “A quick 15-minute run will finish off your exercise goal for the day”. As we march into the future, embracing our technological advances, it’s important to step back and take a look at the full state of everything. Are the benefits of these technologies hindering us more than…

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    Trolls, Free Speech, and Money

    In 2017, the House Intelligence Committee learned that Russian agents purchased Facebook and Twitters ads seemingly trying to influence the 2016 presidential election. Representative Jackie Spier was quoted as saying “We basically have the brightest minds of our tech community here and Russia was able to weaponize your platforms to divide us, to dupe us and to discredit democracy.” To me this constitutes a form of cyber warfare, attacking the political system by means of disinformation. I have spoken with some that believe it is not. All of the ones I’ve personally spoken to that believe the posts Mrs. Spier is speaking about were either jokes, or just didn’t see…

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    Cybersecurity Responsibilities and Regulations

    Cybersecurity is the responsibility of everyone. Unfortunately a lot of people either do not understand their role or maliciously ignore it. I wrote an essay a few weeks back proposing mandatory training for everyone to have or use an Internet connection. This would help mitigate a number of cyber crimes. On the IT “department” side of everything, professionals should have additional, continuous training to ensure we are able to combat the ever evolving attack vectors. While industry standardized policies and procedures are a good start, the ability to easily change them is also necessary. Along with training and flexibility we have to run continual testing on our defenses. The results…

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    Interactions with Victims

    With over half of the world’s 8 billion people having some form of internet access, a wide audience is available. Someone in the United States can converse with someone from New Zealand without ever stepping foot outside of their home. This is what the internet and many cyber technologies were designed to accomplish. Unfortunately, this ease of communication also lends itself to some rather nefarious deeds. Being able to harass and bully an individual in days past was typically limited by geography. Without the means to move beyond their local area, aggressors went after those around them. The internet and other cyber technologies removed that boundary. Another boundary that was…

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    Cybercrime, Workplace Deviance, and Criminal Justice

    While many of the offenses that fall under the definition of cybercrime have come into existence through technological advances, a fair number of traditionally white-collar crimes can also be committed through the use of technology. Fraud is a crime that’s been in existence since recorded history began. With the advances of the internet and computers, fraudsters now have the ability to defraud their victims without leaving the comfort of their pajamas and couches. Distance is also no longer an issue. Defrauding someone from anywhere in the world is just as easy as sending an email. Bullying has also taken advantage of the technology. Prior to the internet, bullying could typically…

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    Engineers and Network Safety

    Imagine sitting in your dining room eating your dinner and the lights go out. You quickly realize it’s not just the lights, it’s all the power in your home. Now imagine thousands of miles away, someone is sitting in front of a computer, typing and clicking away, dropping power to thousands of other homes around you. It’s happened. In 2015 a cyberattack took down power to over 230,000 homes in Ukraine. It is considered the first successful cyberattack against an electrical grid. The power stations around you are controlled by computers that are connected to each other, and the main power station in your area, which is also controlled by…

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    Computers’ impact on world safety

    There is a lot that can be said in regards to the impact that computers have had on the world. I won’t claim to be a world safety expert, but I am aware of several aspects of safety that computers have both improved and been a detriment to. Computers have made a number of things more safe: medical treatments are often managed by computers, computers house databases of information pertaining to criminals that facilitate their capture, and computers also provide life saving information in the event of injury or illness. Ever had an X-ray? More likely than not, that X-ray machine was controlled by a computer. The technician that walked…

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    Is my computer safe?

    The better question here is “How safe is my computer?”. It has to be noted that a computer is only as safe as the weakest link in it’s defense. Is you computer locked inside a secure compartment with no network connection and a faraday cage surrounds everything like that scene in Enemy of the State? Is it sitting open and unlocked on a table in the public library while you grab that book you need that quote from? You’ll also want to look at the more common sense things like software updates, anti-virus/anti-malware, and firewall as necessary. Having these all provide a degree of safety that should be a baseline…

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    Cybersecurity: Costs and Benefits

    Two of the most influential factors, I feel, when implementing a cyber security system within a business are the costs and benefits. When determining what your costs are going to be, you should first determine your budget. Without knowing how much you can spend, you’re likely to run into spending issues. You also need to know what your risks are. How many assets do you have the need protecting? Are you planning on using WiFi? What assets require an internet connection to function? These are just a few questions that must be asked. Once they’ve been answered, you can determine what you need to purchase. Research should be done to…

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