Intelligification and Regulations

Technological advances of today are proceeding at an astounding pace. The world around us is becoming more interactive in our lives than ever before. All those sci-fi movies I watched as a kid are partially coming to fruition. One such instance is that smart gym equipment can persuade people to exercise just a bit more (Verbeek). My watch often tells me that “A quick 15-minute run will finish off your exercise goal for the day”. As we march into the future, embracing our technological advances, it’s important to step back and take a look at the full state of everything. Are the benefits of these technologies hindering us more than they should? What rules and regulations are in place to manage them, and are they sufficient?

State power simply can’t keep up with the advances. Many of the politicians are “advised” by the technology companies about what they, the companies, feel is best. An increasing number of times it’s to the detriment of the general public. In an ideal society, we would be able to collectively limit the power these companies have in regards to the power their technologies have over us. I personally feel we have a long fight ahead of us to get closer to that ideal, but we mustn’t give up.

Verbeek, Peter-Paul. (2015). Designing the Public Sphere: Information Technologies and the Politics of Mediation. The Online Manifesto.

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