How technology is enabling workplace deviance.

Technology has created numerous opportunities for deviant behavior. Cyberloafing is one of the most prevalent . Employees utilizing company resources to browse the Internet, make phone calls, and chat with friends all while on the clock.

Gossip is difficult to quash in the workplace. In the past it has been muttering between coworkers in the break room or in the halls outside offices. Now people don’t even have to leave their office or desk to gossip. In today’s age, people are doing it over email or other messaging service. I asked a few coworkers about this trend and why they thought it this was the method that is happening more and more.

The consensus was that it’s natural for people to use email and messaging services because it’s closer to a social media type interaction and people believe they have a larger degree of privacy and deniability. I would be remiss if I didn’t say I was bewildered by this. I know when I was hired I signed several forms stating I understood that all of my actions on company assets were subject to monitoring. This includes emails, phone call logs, and any messaging system the company provides.

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