My cybersecurity degree

This summer I began my cybersecurity degree. I will use the skills I obtain through my schooling to join a expanding team of cybersecurity professionals that protect today’s digital society. This exciting new chapter in my life comes after spending twelve years in the military. The military taught me a lot of useful skills. The one that will benefit me the most in my pursuit of my degree is how to study. When I complete my degree, I plan to combine my military background with my newly learned cybersecurity skills to get a job in the cybersecurity field.

I’ve been using computers since I was child and my first computer was a TRS-80. The biggest push for me was the movie Hackers. While watching it, I was completely enamored with the idea of “hacking”. For me though I wanted to be on the good side, a white hat. Unfortunately, my public education didn’t contain any technology related courses. Once I graduated, I self studied while working full time. I quickly realized that I needed more. I knew I needed a degree, but I wasn’t sure which one. I stalled and wanted a break. The military offered me that break and a lot more. I spent over a decade traveling, learning, and gaining life experience.

Now that I’m out, I’m picking back up where I left off. While I’m studying and working like I was, I have renewed vigor and better tools to succeed. I know the path ahead of me and I know I have what it takes to accomplish my goals.

The skills and technologies I learn while obtaining this degree will prepare me for an exciting career as a cybersecurity professional. It’s taken me a long time to get here, but the wait has been worth it and I am excited to finally be moving forward with it.

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