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In today’s age, gaining information about someone is just a click away. In fifteen minutes, I was able to find out quite a bit about myself. My social media accounts are a given, but I was also able to find possible home addresses, possible phone numbers, and current and past jobs.

I’ve done this in the past, and have used what I found to attempt to remove parts of my publicly accessible digital footprint. Unfortunately, some information that is available is just out of my control.

I feel it’s important for everyone in today’s society to understand the idea of a digital footprint. Social media allows us to share whatever we want with the world. That can cause a person headaches in the future. Take for example Kevin Hart. Tweets from his past came to light and he made the decision to withdraw from hosting 2019 Oscars.

I always tell friends and family something I was told long before social media hit it big…”Once you put something out on the web, it becomes, for all intents and purposes, permanently available for everyone”. I’ve lived by this as long as I can remember.

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